Meet Mark

I’m Mark Dantzer and I enjoy making music, listening to music and mixing (you guessed it) music. I’ve been an event DJ and emcee for over 20 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Beyond mixing it up at events, I also host music trivia nights all over Columbus and throw a daily radio party on my weekday morning show at Mix 107.9. And in the summer (if you’re lucky) you may run into me playing guitar and busting out the tunes while Fred D makes beats on the congas.

I created RockOn! Columbus because over the years I have met, worked with and trained many event entertainers in Ohio. After finding myself turning away one too many party hopefuls due to being booked solid, I wanted to provide DJ alternatives that I knew could make the right music.

So, to make sure anyone who calls me looking for a good time can receive the party they want, I have chosen a select few DJs with superior mixing skills and industry know-how to be a part of RockOn! Columbus. Bringing all this talent together in one place means it’s easier for you to find the best DJs in the Columbus area.

After you choose a RockOn! DJ, the next step is to meet face-to-face to discuss the details. I attend these initial meetings as well to make sure your event’s music is finely-tuned and ready to rock (or jazz, swing—whatever you prefer). I can’t wait to learn about your favorite music and how we can make your event the unforgettable party of the year.